Why the Greyton Classic should be next on your list...

Looking for an action-packed weekend close to Cape Town? Let the Greyton Classic be your first choice! The Greyton Classic offers a 10 and 21km trailrun on the 19th June 2016, a night run on 16 June and number mountain biking events over the weekend. With an altitude ascent of 362m in the 21km you will have plenty of energy to experience the surrounding beauty, coffee shops, chocolatiers, wineries craft breweries and restaurants. Yes, Cape Town, there are trails behind the mountains, and even cooler spots to The Woodmill market. Greyton Classic This is why I love trail running.
I love trail running because it enables me to see epic places in a very short time where most people will never go,
I love trail running because it teaches us to be humble, that all we really need in life is a few healthy snacks, trail shoes water and appreciation,
I love trail running because it allows me to test new Salomon gear, push my boundaries, and appreciate the precise engineering of the design,
I love trail running because it brings me closer to my Creator,
Trail Running is more than a sport – It is a lifestyle! Greyton Classic My photos of Greyton should speak for itself to why I love Greyton. Greyton Classic Visit http://www.greytonclassic.co.za/ to enter.

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