Heaven, across the road from the Hell

We can be so focused on our destination, that we forget to look around us. How many of you have been on Route 62? You might stop for coffee in Barrydale or lunch in Ladismith but your focus would either be Oudtshoorn, Knysna or J-bay. I have been on the Swartberg Pass and the idea of visiting "Die Hel" has been on my mind for a very long time...looking "across the road" to the Gamkaberg Nature Reserve wasn't even on my mind. It was only when I had the opportunity to work with The Good Holiday that I was fortunate enough to explore this beautiful place. We spent a couple of days there filming this beautiful destination but there are many reasons why I would return there for a holiday.

Number 1 on my list we to do a two-day hike through the valley and up on the other side. The overnight huts are hidden between and integrated with the rocks. Another reason I'd go is to take a couple of friends along and book one of the eco- lodges. Each lodge has it's own swimming pool and is under a canopy of trees. You won't even know that another lodge is just 500m down the road. The 4x4 route would be another box I would like to tick. Not only will you enjoy a scenic drive but you will also see some beautiful wildlife on route. The route takes you to the "Ou Kraal" huts, where you could (should) overnight.

Watch the video below to give you more reasons to go there: