The Ultimate African Experience

Today is the first day back to reality, behind a computer screen, after a week of little sleep, lots of driving around and even a bit of running. The Baviaanskloof, Kouga region and Cape St. Francis was my office last week and I was lucky enough to be invited to Expedition Africa for a 3rd year in a row. I’ve crossed paths with the Castle Lite Adventure Racing Team quite a few times during the past few races and this year I had the opportunity to follow them behind the lens.

It is really hard to explain what this race is all about. It’s not the Ironman. It’s not the Cape Epic. It is something in a different league, where you don’t sleep more than one or two hours every day, for 5 days. Where no route markers will show you the way but you would need to find your own way on this 500km course, with more than 50 checkpoints that you would need to find. It is a multi-discipline sport and you will have to paddle, cycle and run around a remote region, all self supported. At transition areas you would get your own resupply boxes and then disappear into the dark again, into the rugged and unknown mountains of the Baviaans. I’ve uploaded a 5 minute video as my attempt to summarize Expedition Africa 2017. Nothing can describe what these athletes go through during this event but here’s my best effort to do so: